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Sunriver e-Group

The Sunriver e-Group is the easiest way to stay in touch with what's happening in the Sunriver neighborhood.

The purpose of the e-group is to discuss issues that pertain directly to our Sunriver neighborhood. We are committed to making the e-group a useful and welcoming place for all Sunriver residents and property owners. To that end, here are some simple guidelines for posting messages to the group:

  • Keep it on topic. The group is for Sunriver and Rancho Cordova issues -- not national politics, religion, or other divisive subjects.
  • Keep it original. Please don't forward jokes, urban legends, business offers from foreign princes, etc. to the group.
  • Keep it brief. Concise messages are easier to follow.
  • Keep it polite.
  • Keep it coming. A lively discussion makes for an interesting and active group.

The default option is the Standard subscription, which sends individual e-mails to your e-mail box, one by one.

There is also a Daily Digest option, which collects all of the day's messages and sends them to you in one daily e-mail. If you feel like you're getting too many emails from the group, you can switch to the Daily Digest at any time by clicking the 'Switch Delivery' link at the end of every group email.

If you have a Yahoo ID, you can catch up with the group and review old messages on the message archive.